Home made vegan comfort food made from scratch, we take inspiration from so many chefs and restaurants around the world as well as from cookbooks, and instagram account these days. We hardly ever follow recipes, we look at them take inspiration and then cook in our own way. We are so lucky to be living in London, such a multicultural city where you can take inspiration from authentic kitchens from all around the world, we strive to show all these influences in the food we produce

Menu examples

For the first three years the menu changed daily. Now it’s time for some regularity, with a menu changing weekly. Black Cat is here to stay, have a look at some of our favourite dishes: (these are not available always)

  • Beef style burger: seitan, soya mince and loads of fresh herbs make up the patty, which we top with mayo, gherkins, tomatoes - all in a locally-made bun. Served with salads and home-made chips.

    Nacho’s comments: “I started making this burger a long time ago, before moving to London. Inspired by a recipe from a great blog called Dimension Vegana, shortly after starting to work in Black Cat I decided to add a second burger to the always popular smoked tofu and seed burger, our friend Javier , co-organiser of Artisanal vegan meat nights, brought the idea back and with a few changes it stayed in the menu.”
  • BBQ Tofu sandwich: Slowly baked tofu marinated in homemade bbq sauce with a twist, bay leaves, coriander seeds, and fresh chilies. Served on sourdough ciabatta with herby mayo and pickled onions.
  • Pancake: Chickpea flour batter with roasted vegetables and fresh herbs. Inspired by a old recipe for a vegan Spanish omelet. A special that has now made its way onto our regular menu.
  • Curry: One of the most recurrent meals in many restaurants. Black Cat’s special curry paste with loads of dry spices: coriander, fennel, fenugreek, cumin, and mustard seeds steeped in sunflower oil. We add pulses and seasonal vegetables and serve it with steamed rice, yoghurt and mint sauce, and an onion bhaji to add that satisfying crunch.
  • Lasagne: Onion, carrot and garlic base with Italian chopped tomatoes and soya mince, red wine, yeast extract, and fresh herbs all slow cooked and topped with Black Cat’s cheesy white sauce.
  • Salads examples:

    • Carrot, cumin, coriander salad, toasted sunflower seeds
    • Giant cous cous and roasted veg with lemon, olive oil, sumac, cumin
    • Lentil, roasted carrots and cumin
    • Potato salad: mayo, mustard, dill, peas and raw carrot and onion
    • Quinoa: pickled vegetables, nori, coriander and mint
    • Mexican bean salad. Lime, cumin, paprika, chipotle, coriander, raw veggies
    • Chickpea salad: raw or roasted veg, fresh parsley and coriander, lemon juice, olive oil

    Salads specials examples:

    • Rice noodle salad: Viet style lightly pickled veggies ( julienned carrots, cucumbers and red peppers with vinegar, agave, chili, mint and coriander), lime ginger vinaigrette, some protein ( lemon grass tofu, chicken pieces ), crushed peanuts
    • Soba noodle salad: edamame, purple sprouting broccoli, orange miso tofu or agedashi tofu ( salted tofu coated in corn flour and deep fried ), nori gomasio ( roasted sesame seeds, salt, nori. Blend together )
    • Chicken Caesar: creamy olive and caper dressing croutons, home made chicken style pieces

Specials' examples:

There will always be daily sandwiches, soups, and salads. Below are some examples of our specials, but – as we rotate and experiment – the specials below might not be available on the day you visit.

Sandwiches' examples:

We love a good sandwich. There is nothing like a nice freshly-prepared vegan sandwich to curb your hunger on a busy day. Most of our sandwiches are made with sourdough ciabatta and are served with pickled onions.

  • NY bagel style cream cheese and lox: Miso umeboshi cream cheese, salt roasted beetroots and carrots, capers, nori, dill on a hoagie roll.
  • Black Cat deli sandwich: Olives, onions, light mustard, cheese, and our signature seitan turkey cold cuts.
  • Smokey tempeh sandwich: Slowly baked tempeh in homemade bbq sauce.
  • Chickpea tuna: Crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, red pepper, spring onion
  • Seitan steak: Grilled beefy seitan, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce
  • Corn crusted Chickun, pesto and melted cheese: Chicken style fillet with a blend of tofu and seitan, battered and coated with corn

Other specials' examples:

  • Jerk tofu stew with steamed rice
  • Caribbean fishless stew with steamed rice and fried plantains
  • Golden coconut, mixed veg and tofu thai curry
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Blue corn crusted tofu, steamed greens, mole sauce
  • Lentil shepards pie
  • Sweet poato, mixed vegetable tagine
  • Chickpea patties, roasted red pepper sauce, steamed greens, pearl cous cous
  • Seitan steaks, mustard mash, steamed greens, house gravy
  • 5 spice tofu and beed mince stew, sesame rice, fried won ton pastry, Asian style slaw
  • Moussaka, red lentil mince, cheese sauce
  • Pasta bake
  • Burrito: seitan carnitas, black rice, tomatillo salsa


(example of the soups on rotation)

  • Butternut squash, sweet potato, and coconut
  • Roasted red pepper and tomato
  • heezy broccoli
  • Rustic minestrone: butter beans, potatoes, tomatoes and elbow macaroni
  • Leek and potato
  • Turkish style red lentil