We are, first and foremost, a vegan café. All our food, cleaning products and materials are 100 plant based and non tested on animals. We believe that animals don’t need to be killed and tortured for us to live and we want the food we showcase to be attractive and tasty to people who aren’t vegan yet for them so that they might consider a lifestyle change.

We are proud to be an independent business, something which is difficult in the London of today which is all about chain coffee shops and rising rents.

We think that veganism is connected with other subjects and we want to make an impact in the society and offer our space out to educate, raise awareness and fund several worthy causes not only related to animal rights.

We have a small selection of chocolates and locally made products to sell, we also have a bookshop run by Active Distribution, where you can find fanzines, political literature and vegan cookery books.

Come and join us for locally roasted coffee, freshly cooked meals and have a look at our fanzine box while you are at it.